Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Latest Gov Tuner Project Update Reduces Code Size by 70%

The Gov Tuner Project was initially released back in June of last year, but recently received a big update to version 4.1. This project, thanks to XDA Senior Member Senthil360, Recognized Developer Debuffer, Recognized Developer / Contributor Paget96, and F4uzan, tries to configure your CPU governor to give you the best battery life, fluidity, and smoothness. This latest update rewrites the code from scratch, reduces the code size by 70%, increases optimization and more. You can find the full changelog for version 4.1 down below.

- Rewritten code from scratch
- CPU detection algorithm updated
- Code size reduced by 70%, increased efficiency and better loop controls
- Values revised for all devices and profiles
- GovChanger removed (there are app alternatives)
- Profile values arranged in tables for easier access and updates
- Algorithm depended values such as target_loads added to hybrid script
- Increased optimization and overall efficiency
- Disabled loop execution by default
- Room for community involvement in future releases
Check out the updated Gov Tuner Project in our Android Software and Hacking forum

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