Monday, September 11, 2017

Tech: WhatsApp rolls out Picture-in-Picture and text only status features

 WhatsApp rolls out Picture-in-Picture and text only status features
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In the latest attempt, WhatsApp has rolled out two new features - text-only coloured status and PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode features on Android and iOS platforms. The features were initially available for Beta users, but are now pushed to stable builds.

In the last few months, WhatsApp has rolled out several interesting features to attract global users. Introduction of these two features is also a hint by the Facebook owned company to increase its functionalities and attract more users to the messaging platform.

Picture-in-Picture or PiP is a video calling feature that lets users to multitask, like sending a message or talking to another person while during an ongoing video call. Multitasking during a video call can be done by resizing the ongoing video screen or dragging it to any corner of the phone's screen. Also, a WhatsApp user can resize the video calling screen as per requirement. However, as of now, the PiP feature is exclusively available to Android 8.0 Oreo.

The other feature, i.e., the text-only coloured status feature is different from the current profile text status feature. The text-only coloured status feature allows users to put text-only status messages on a solid colour background. Users need to click on the newly added floating pencil icon to put text-only status messages. The updated text status stays for 24 hours and then disappears automatically. Those on the WhatsApp contact list can also comment on that particular status. Users can even click on the colour palate icon to change the background colour of the text status. Users can also see how many friends have seen the status update by clicking on the eye icon located below the status.

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