Saturday, October 7, 2017

Tango 5: A fun online SRPG

On a platform saturated by MOBAs in their various incarnations (but with minimal differences between them), we can appreciate that NEXON M has attempted to innovate with titles as interesting as Tango 5, a strategy game that falls halfway between real-time battles and turn-based management. This competitive team game boasts an international ranking system and graphics evocative in many way of titles like the XCOM saga.

Though there are several game modes at advanced levels, the basic gameplay in the QuickMatch consists of controlling one of the five characters in your team so you can face the rival gang in a closed setting. The controls let you move around the grid that divides the level as well as attack the enemies with different weapons or use various objects. Every action has a cooldown period, which should keep you on your feet for short timeframes. The pseudo realtime system rewards both your reaction speed and your tactical skills.

The battles play out in a best-of-three-rounds system, with each onw lasting no more than 99 seconds. To score points you’ve got to conquer the checkpoints and defend them before time runs out, meaning your main character might dies but your remaining teammates could still win the round for you. In any case, whenever you start a new level your life levels get restored.

Besides the matchmaking provided by the coins that let you buy new characters and change their look, you can also create private rounds and access the ranked mode in individual rounds once you reach level 20. Further on there will also be a clan warfare system, meaning no matter how far it strays from MOBAs at the level of gameplay, it plays out with the same progression system over the long term.

Tango 5 for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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