Friday, November 3, 2017

Substratum Release v900 Adds Support for Android 8.1, Oreo Custom ROMs and More

Late last night, Nicholas Chum announced a big update to Substratum that had begun rolling out via the Play Store. This update brings its release version up to 900, and comes with a ton of bug fixes, changes and new features. The most notable changes includes support for Google’s first developer preview of Android 8.1, support for Android Oreo custom ROMs, their new “Substratum Service,” a brand new application intro and a lot more.

If you had Substratum installed and accepted the OTA update to Android 8.1 Oreo developer preview 1 then you likely noticed that the application wasn’t working quite right. This is no longer the case, as release version 900 is now compatible with the latest version of Android. Not only that, but we’re told that they are now working on a new feature for Andromeda with plans to add what they’re calling “untethered mode.” Given that you need to tether to a PC in order to being using Andromeda, you can probably infer what this means; however, there weren’t any additional details about its release in this announcement.

Another big change here is the addition of support for Android Oreo custom ROMs, along with the new “Substratum Service.” This change fully deprecates Interfacer, which was never finished and will not be updated to Android Oreo as-is. If you build ROMs and are interested in this then you can find the WIP beta commits on their gerrit. The team is still working on platform-side features, and they’ve enabled what they’re calling “Shutdown animations” (which is also a work in progress).

As mentioned, this update adds a brand new application intro that even slims down the application since they’ve shifted over to vector resources. Themers should also know that they’ve added something called “type3-common” to the template. This allows for a dynamic base to build off the type3’s when there exists no default res folder. They’ve completely re-based the source code in this update, worked on improving the speed of the application when loading overlays and made some improvements to the UX for those using it on a Samsung device.

Source: +NicholasChumCDT

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