Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Lacie’s DJI Copilot is the perfect portable hard drive for video pros

Pull off the rubber side panel and you’ll find a charging jack; USB, USB-C and micro-USB ports; plus an SD card slot. Any media you insert, be it a card or a thumb drive, is automatically backed up the Copilot’s disk. And a large monochrome screen on the front lets you know just how much storage you have left. It’s perfect for shooting tons of footage in the field and quickly backing it up without having to fumble with a laptop.

You can even view or edit your footage from a mobile device thanks to the integrated Lightning and micro-USB cables. Just connect your iPad and you can start pouring over your 6K drone footage, while the battery keeps your tablet charged up. Even more interesting, you can daisy chain other drives off the Copilot. While it’s connect to your computer, just plug another external drive into the Copilot’s USB port and you’ll be able to access all its data.

Now, because of all these features the Copilot isn’t exactly tiny. It’s definitely small enough to toss in a bag, but you wont be slipping this into a coat pocket or a purse. And it’s not going to be cheap. The Copilot is going to cost around $349 when it ships sometime this spring.

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