Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Razer Unveils Project Linda, a Laptop Which Uses Your Android Phone as a Touchpad and Second Screen

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday, gaming company Razer unveiled Project Linda, a tricked-out laptop dock designed for the Razer Phone.

Project Linda comes in the form of a clamshell aluminum dock with a 13.3-inch Quad HD (2560×1440) 120Hz display, a 720p webcam, a dual-microphone array, 200GB of storage, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB-A port, and a USB-C port. The full-sized keyboard has dedicated Android navigation, search, and app selection keys, and Razer Chroma programmable RGB backlighting. There’s a dock where you’d normally find a touchpad, and when the Razer Phone is attached to it, the laptop leverages the handset’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 8GB of RAM of RAM to PC-like applications and software. (It’s like Samsung’s Dex Dock or the Motorola Atrix laptop dock.) It also charges the phone with a built-in 53.6 Wh internal battery.

Source: Razer

Razer sees the phone’s screen, which doubles as a touchpad by default, as something akin to the Touch Bar on Apple’s MacBook Pro, providing shortcuts and supplementary information for games and applications in use on the dock. The whole thing’s reminiscent of Microsoft’s Continuum or Canonical’s attempt at Ubuntu on Android, where a phone slots into a dock to power a fully-fledged operating system.

“Android power users and laptop enthusiasts share a need for performance in a mobile form factor, which we provide with our award-winning Razer Phone and Razer laptops,” said Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan. “Project Linda combines the best of both worlds, bringing a larger screen and physical keyboard to the Android environment, enhancing the experience for gaming and productivity.”

Project Linda is likely to launch in the coming months, but Razer hasn’t provided a time frame or pricing information. You can check out the press release for Project Linda at the source link.

Source: Razer

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