Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tasker v5.1 is out with Oreo-specific changes and removal of the Accessibility Service

Recently, Google threatened to remove applications from the Play Store that “misused” Android’s Accessibility Services. We explained how many apps leverage Accessibility Services to perform actions in ways that were not intended by Google. It’s at the core of LastPass, AutoInput, Button Mapper, Greenify, and other services, and Google’s policy would’ve broken some or all of their functionality.

Eventually, Google reversed course, saying it would evaluate “innovative uses” of Accessibility Services on a case-by-case basis. But there’s no telling which apps the search giant will approve, and one that might be on the chopping block is Tasker. It’s a popular app that can automate everything from settings and photos to SMS, and while its use of Accessibility Services might certainly be called “innovative”, it’s also certainly not what Google had in mind.

Tasker v5.1, the latest version, introduces some Android Oreo-specific changes, one of which is the adoption of Google’s Usage Stats API. On versions of Android that support it, Tasker no longers uses Accessibility Services, meaning it’s no longer vulnerable to being removed from the Play Store.

The update also includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. The full changelog for the v5.1 update is available at the source link, and you can head to the Play Store to purchase it.

Tasker ($2.99, Google Play) →

Source: Crafty Apps EU

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