Wednesday, January 10, 2018

TCL Announces Alcatel 1 Series, Alcatel 3 Series, and Alcatel 5 Series at CES 2018

It was back in November 2017 when well-known leaker Evan Blass shared press renders of six unannounced TCL-made Alcatel smartphones, and while a few details could be inferred from their rumored names, the hardware specs and prices remained a mystery. Thankfully, TCL filled in a few gaps at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show this week with the unveiling of the Alcatel 1, Alcatel 3, and Alcatel 5 ranges.

The China-based company’s differentiating between the Alcatel series with sequential numbering — the Alcatel 1 series are the cheapest phones of the bunch, and the Alcatel 5 series are the priciest.

Source: TCL

Alcatel 1

Alcatel 1 series phones, which will cost less than $100, will feature compact unibody designs with “premium materials” and grippy back plates. They’ll have 18:9 displays, TCL said, plus features like facial recognition.

Alcatel 3

Alcatel 3 range devices, which will retail for around $200, will have the largest 18:9 screen sizes and resolutions of the new lineups. They’ll also have dual rear cameras and rounded back covers.

Alcatel 5

Alcatel 5 series handsets will start around $300, and sport brushed metal materials, metallic trims, and all the other bells in whistles in Alcatel’s portfolio. Expect facial recognition, 18:9 displays, “cinema-style” viewing experiences, and large batteries that supply a day’s worth of power.

Source: TCL

“As the global smartphone market continues to evolve, we come into a new year recognizing the need to stabilize and transform our Alcatel smartphone portfolio to better serve our customers and meet the opportunities ahead,” said Christian Gatti, Global President Alcatel Business Division and Executive Vice President at TCL. “By modernizing our smartphone designs and being one of the first global manufacturers to offer 18:9 full view displays across the majority of our lineup, we’re able to refocus our efforts at democratizing flagship style features and making these experiences accessible to almost any consumer worldwide.”

TCL didn’t announce pricing or release details, but says it’ll have more information next month at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

Source: TCL

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