Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Android Wear 2 Gets Ported to the Ticwatch 2 in an Alpha State

The Ticwatch 2 by Mobvoi, a Chinese company with a background in AI voice recognition and natural language processing, is a surprisingly good smartwatch for the money. The only problem? It runs Ticwear OS, a proprietary Android 5.1-based operating system. Luckily, XDA Senior Member EpicLPer has been hard at work on getting Android Wear up and running on the smartwatch. To install his port, you’ll need a developer dock for the Ticwatch 2, and you’re encouraged to create a backup before you embark on the process. It’s in a very alpha stage right now (the software’s based on a dump of the Ticwatch E, which was ported over to the Ticwatch 2), and as a result of missing source code and drivers, features such as vibration and the microphone aren’t working right now. However, if you’re willing to experiment and have a Ticwatch 2 sitting around, this port might just be for you.

Check out this Android Wear 2 port in our Smartwatches forum

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